Moving Your Technology Is Not the Same as Moving
Desks It Takes Experts to Get It Set Up Correctly


Let’s face it; a move to another business location is disruptive. Keeping your personnel focused on your business – not the move - is the goal. Moving your systems, even a short distance, can be a source of tremendous stress for many companies and managers. However, it does not have to be. With Pinnadyne’s Technology Mover Services, you can leave the heavy lifting to us. Relocating your technology systems - including production workstations, computer systems, or data centers is not an easy task. It’s one that requires the commitment of a highly skilled staff, demands attention to detail and necessitates special expertise to assure that your network starts back up seamlessly and your staff is back on line and working immediately.


What Our Service Includes:

-Take down the network at your current location and rebuild it at the new location.

-Troubleshoot desktop/server start-up issues and fix them.

-Reconfigure server and network for the new environment your business is in.

-Install and turn up an Internet connection or arrange to have one installed.

-Install and test all necessary voice and data cabling.

-Assure all equipment and security devices are started and operating at top performance.


Special Projects-

Are you moving? Are you upgrading your office? Do you need temporary staff to augment your internal technology staff? Pinnadyne is here for you. Just call (877) 851-5250 and enter extension 703 to find out how.