Information Technology Assistance: An Economical and Professional Approach

We offer a group of professionals with experience in all facets of information technology and services dedicated to assisting your business in having an efficient and effective technology department at your disposal.

Pinnadyne delivers your technology needs in a concise manner that is not limited to just servicing existing issues which is what an outsourced IT person often provides. As a Pinnadyne client, you will find a team of technology experts and customer service professionals working with you to deliver the best IT services and customer care possible. The services we offer you include:

Managed Information Technology Services (MITS) -

We cover your entire network from the internet coming into your office through the routers and switches all the way yo your workstation and the software on it.

Security Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity -

We will not only secure your network from Hackers and Viruses but we also provide services to backup and recover your essential data securely and quickly.

Internet Connectivity -

No matter what speed you need from a T-1 to 10,000mbps Fiber Optic, we have the resources to deliver the internet to you safely and lightning fast.

Software Development -

If you need support of existing or development of new software we can do that for you. No matter if it is cloud, internet, client server or simply a local computer application Pinnadyne can handle it.

Telecommunications -

Today communications that work are paramount to your business, we support many of the widely accepted phone systems and your mobile devices, let us show you what we can do.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization -

Technology today allows you to lower costs and provide more powerful systems through virtual workstations and servers at a fraction of the cost of maintaing physical systems.

Consulting Services -

Do you just want some advice on how to implement your systems or do you want to know how to make your systems better? Let us explain it all to you in a simple language you can easily understand.

How does Pinnadyne perform the services offered?

You will be assigned an account manager that will be available to attend to your every IT need.

-For networking and hardware systems we will provide you with either remote assistance or on site assistance for any hardware need.

-For system and application development we will provide you analysis through testing and through deployment and further to continued support. We carry it through the full development life-cycle while continually keeping your needs and business in mind.

Consultation can include anything from suggesting the best approach to deployment of IT assets to full strategic data and technology strategy.

All of this at a cost effective price that you just cannot pass up.

We offer all of the I.T. solutions you need at a price you can afford.

Why is our approach structured this way?

The answer is simple: We want to be the best IT services partner for you and we have

demonstrated expertise in a variety of industries and proven service methodology and support systems to earn and keep your business. At Pinnadyne, your business and bottom line are our top priority.