Information security is not a product. It’s a strategy. Network Security Improves Reliability and Reduces Cost.

Is network security keeping you up at night?


If so, you're not alone. Network security threats are coming at us more frequently and are more dangerous than ever before.As enterprise networks are becoming increasingly more open, they are more exposed to threat. Having an integrated enterprise-wide network security solution is pivotal for securing your enterprise data and keeping your business up and running.


Today's organizations face an increasing number of threats across their network – at the perimeter, across the LAN and WAN, and at endpoints. Protecting them all can result in security sprawl, an ever-increasing set of products that are hard to manage. The result? Inconsistent security.


With changing regulations and new vulnerabilities and threats discovered daily, maintaining and documenting compliance in an auditable format requires 24/7 monitoring, and reporting systems mapped to the requirements of key standards. Having the expertise required to keep the enterprise network protected is an expensive proposition, and the resources are becoming harder to find.


Your competitive position may be in jeopardy if your network is not completely protected. You need a consistent approach for securing your network infrastructure, implementing new technologies, accommodating new users, improving network performance and security, and reducing cost of operations.


Pinnadyne can help you protect your network environment. Our Network Security Services provide proactive threat detection, superior analysis, and prioritized response to reduce network security risks to operations, data security and regulatory compliance. Pinnadyne has a team of highly-trained network security professional who are fully dedicated to supporting our clients' network security needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Benefits include:

  • Enhanced network security and reliability that is resistant to disruption or failure, recovers rapidly and is flexible and scalable
  • Integrated network security management solutions that enhance operational and network performance
  • Lower cost of ownership through Pinnadyne's economies of scale and global delivery infrastructure
  • Consistent business continuity, even when the network is under attack, through improved detection and response to prioritized security threats
  • Minimized unplanned network downtime to less than 1 percent
  • Single point of contact and accountability for managing a complex and growing set of multi-vendor network security products
  • Risk mitigation during technology evolution through advanced wide area and enterprise networks and services
  • Ability to scale from simple equipment monitoring to comprehensive network security management and remote site support with dedicated resources
  • Flexibility and control while minimizing security risks and costs

Don’t let the next cyber attack take your business down and cause down-time, data loss and exposure of sensitive data, malware and hackers cost small business thousands of dollars a month in lost business, down-time and productivity. Integrated Computer Services maintains the highest network security standards and will safeguard your business network from cyber threats, hackers, viruses and malware.