Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


User-owned devices have exploded onto networks everywhere, with new iPads, Androids, and smartphones connecting every day. It’s imperative to keep network access secure and apply device-specific policies without opening security holes or causing an undue support burden.

Pinnadyne’s support for BYOD makes it easier than ever to securely support user-owned iPads, tablets, smartphones, and laptops – without extra appliances, licenses, or complex VLAN configurations.

Isolate your network from user-owned devices or integrate them securely using additional, automatically applied device-specific policies. Integrated network access control (NAC) prevents unmanaged devices from spreading viruses on the network. All commonly affected devices are scanned, ensuring antivirus software is installed and running.

The best BYOD Solution’s provide a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. Our complete solution starts with design guides and professional services that lead you from planning and design to day-to-day operations. This BYOD solution also provides the necessary infrastructure, including: .

  • Simplify IT operations
  • Provide "work-your-way" experiences to employees
  • Help secure data with unified policy and intelligent controls
  • Exceptional security and simplified management
  • Single point of policy for wired and Wi-Fi across your organization
  • Single workflow to identify problems by user, rather than environment
  • Align an IT strategy to your business goals