Cloud Servers

How does Cloud Computing work? Cloud Computing is Internet-based processing, where computing infrastructure, software applications, business processes and collaboration and information capabilities are delivered to computers and other devices (such as smart phones and tablet PCs) on demand over the Internet. So, the “cloud” we’re talking about is not a white puffy thing in the sky, it’s the metaphor used to describe capabilities that are available via the Internet. Cloud Computing is perfect for new businesses or existing businesses with hardware approaching the end of useful life.


How does Cloud Computing benefit your business?

  • Lower up-front investment
  • Dynamic scalability.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Distributed disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Reputation-based technologies.
  • No need to hire/retain IT personnel to support hardware on-site.
  • Customized end-user work spaces. Support for a full range of Windows 7, Mac and Linux clients securely over the Internet.
  • Support for a full range of Blackberry, Android, iPhone and select Windows Mobile devices.
  • Secure VPN-based access perfect for users in the field and/or those working from home.
  • Carrier-grade, full featured IP-based phone system with teleconferencing.
  • Integrate any third-party software application into your hosted infrastructure.


For most small to medium businesses, the journey to cloud computing starts with private cloud architecture. A private cloud collects and dynamically allocates IT resources, so that servers and applications can be deployed rapidly and scaled out to meet your company’s technology needs.

Integrated Private Cloud will transform the way IT services are delivered to your business enabling you to save on hardware and maintenance costs while enhancing system capabilities and reducing down-time.