Google’s New Interchangeable Module Smart Phone Has Been Put On Delay

Puerto Rico, thought to be the lucky one this year when it comes to technology, are no longer so. Puerto Rico was going to be the first able to use the possibly ground breaking, modular smart phone concept. The project is being labeled as project Ara, being thought of, and constructed by google.
This new technology allows the user to change the modules of the phone. 
For example if you’ve cracked the screen, its inter-changeable, you can replace the cracked screen. If you feel you don’t have enough ram, you may change that out to without the hassle of taking it somewhere, or playing with it yourself and potentially making the situation work. This feature also allows the application of multiple speakers.
 In a sequence of tweets, an announcement was made that the trail will now be released in a location somewhere in the US. Also, a mention of set-backs, with a tweet that read’s "Lots of iterations… more than we thought”. Although the project is looking bad they put out a reinsurance tweet made by the team of the project that states that ‘Ara is not going anywhere.’
Displayed in 2013, the interchangeable components were googles interesting attempt at a custom smart phone, “the phone in bits”.
Google had planned on, but failed to produce the trial to Puerto Rico this year. They had given false hope to Puerto Rico and promises of 20 to 30 modules for this new smartphone.
Even though taken well for the first public demonstration in May, they still have some things to work out on this new technology.
The new release date for the trial will be no sooner than 2016, maybe even longer depending on how severe the set-backs actually are.