Airbnb is a hot start up with Valuations of $25 billion

Airbnb, a start-up like Uber, is receiving attention in the news.

Airbnb a company founded in 2008, and since then it has grown into the large company it is now. It now is in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

This start up’s idea was to make vacation fun, easy, and above all interesting. It allows people to find hosts, who are willing to late, someone stay in an extra room or even an entire other house, but really “the sky’s the limit”.

Big foreign investors are investing more and more money into these companies’ start-up companies in the “private IPO”, allowing these companies to raise as much money as they could.

Sam Hamadeh, CEO of PrivCo. A corporation vested on private financial research told CNN "Everyone in [Silicon Valley] sees a narrow window to raise crazy money in the private market,", "The public market would not swallow that sort of valuation."

Hamadeh mentions about selling the company and how it would be hard to since they would be looking for a high price. He was quoted saying "If you're worth $25 billion -- and you're not even public yet -- I can count on one hand the amount of companies who can write a check for that amount,", "We all know it isn't going to last forever,".

Followed by "The next correction in the private market, we'll look back and say Airbnb, Uber and Pinterest were brilliant."

Although a big company they still have obstacles and regulations to get over in certain cities.

PrivCo. Predicts a 200 million dollar loss in 2015 but this is nothing new when a company is playing with big stakes. Finance company General Atlantics is leading the latest round, along with a few other investment companies who just financed Postmates for $80 million.