The Blind can now "See"

The BrainPort started years ago, Six years later, the FDA just approved a new device for visually impaired members of society. This new device, which has been in the works for the past six years allows visually impaired people to "see". This new gadget is now open to the general public after the approval.

The BrainPort V100, uses the camera on the glasses to send light information. The camera is mounted onto the front glasses frame and connected to the base unit. The base unit, which looks like a modern touch screen phone, is where all the ‘magic happens”. It interprets the light information into pulses sent to the tongue chip. The tongue chip, gives the off look of a lollipop with 400 microelectrodes to the tongue of the user, this part of the gadget allows you to feel with your tongue.

In essences the device configures light and sends it to your tongue. Through some sort of learned language, the 400 microelectrodes are translated into visual aid. It interprets shapes, sizes, height, distance, and much more. This gives you a reading on your tongue, and you translate to find out what is in front of you.

Wicab Inc.’s website states: “[BrainPort is not vision.] It is more like a 400-point refreshable Braille display from which you learn to interpret the bubble-like patterns on their tongue as representative of objects in their surroundings,”

This project is revolutionary and opens the door to a whole new “look” on the world. Our advancements in technology have made it more convenient for the visually impaired. This is not the only advancement in the field of medicine, but this was a giant step in the field itself. This helps the visually impaired with their daily routines and lives. Making it easier for them to function in society with less stress and finding things a little more convenient.