Smart-Pant Bound to Replace Touchpad Devices

Google pants? Is Google going too far with Google pants? When people think of wearable technology, they usually call upon the thought of smart watches, smart glasses, and smart shoes. No one ever thought about wearing high-tech pants, maybe Exoskeleton suits, but not normal-looking fabric, with a high-tech side to them.

A “conductive metal thread” as google calls it, giving the same feel as a normal piece of fabric, yet holding high technological properties. This has a touchpad feature, and the chip that controls the google pants is button sized and can look like a normal button sewed on to your pants. The fabric is unnoticeable and looks like normal fabric to the eye, making it virtually invisible.

This is what people in Googles line of work call smart, and why their giving this project dealing with the conductive fabric the name Project Jacquard. This product is the new design of the touchpad, and uses Wi-Fi to connect to your devices. Just like modern touchpads, you use your fingers to play with the features on your smart pants. Features that allow you to interact with your smart device allowing you to changing the brightness, the colors, as well as media functions such as play, rewind, fast forward and pause.

A huge upside to this product is its low in cost and every efficient to make and can be produced on your standard textile machine. The down side is dealing with accidental touches, for example, the famous butt-dial.

This is an innovative technology and can advance the modern world in research such as medicine, science, and technology. Unlocking many opportunities from how modern warfare is conducted to how we construct our structures. For now we start from the bottom and make our way to newer advances. Starting with connecting your pants to your phone, an interesting jump in our technology filled lives.